forty three pages and a bit more than forty three haikus into daf yomi, i’ve decided to get back into the business of haiku blogs. as i’ve been doing my daily chunk of learning each day, i’ve tried to boil down some argument/thought/feeling into seventeen syllables to carry with me through the day. this act of internalizing and articulating some small bit of the daf helps me ground myself amidst a field of hebrew and aramaic.

i am grateful to the daf yomi podcast of rav yitzchak etshalom which i’ve found incredibly helpful in my learning.

3 Responses to “the project”

  1. Hagai said

    מפליאה בתמצית את לכתוב
    על תורה וגמרא שירי טו”ב!
    בפורמט הרחב
    של שירי הלֵבָ”ב
    אצטער על פרידה בקרוב…

  2. Rabbi Jerome Fox of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas posted a link to your site. Since I admire Rabbi Fox and enjoy haiku it’s only natural that I would investigate.
    Nice work.
    I encourage you to join The Haiku Society of America.
    One of the best decisions I’ve made.
    Howard Lee Kilby
    Hot Springs

  3. my first journey through the Daf all is new and wondrous. your haiku sings

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